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Thinking of Adding a Protein Shake to Your Workout Regime? This is the Best Time to Have It

You would hardly come across athletes and fitness enthusiasts who don’t complement their workout routines with protein shakes. And we don’t blame them. With the kind of help such drinks offer to build muscle and strength, they are an integral part of almost every strict workout regimen. Because of the quick dose of proteins and carbohydrates they force the body to increase its stamina, even trainers recommend them.

But people often get confused regarding the best time when protein shakes should be consumed. You would be surprised to know that the time when you have a protein shake determines the benefits it lets you enjoy. So, if you’ve ever dealt with the dilemma of when to have a protein shake, before or after a workout, this post is for you.


Coach Mag | The time when you have a protein shake determines the benefits it gives you

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Having a protein shake in the morning

Having protein shakes in the morning as a post-breakfast snack is essential for getting stronger. According to popular medical journals, consuming protein shakes in the morning contributes to weight loss and increased muscle mass.

  • In terms of ​​weight loss, a protein shake gives you a significant feeling of satiety and fullness, which makes you eat less junk food, especially if you work in the morning for long hours.
  • In terms of building muscle, having a fast-absorbing protein shake in the morning gives your body a high dose of nourishment until your exercise time.

Having a protein shake before exercise

Although protein shakes contain amino acids that help maintain glycogen stores and provide energy for muscles, it is still good to substitute your protein shake with some other foods right before you exercise.


Bp.Blogspot | Right before your exercise, instead of having a protein shake have oats, bananas, or a few nuts

Among the essential foods that you should eat before exercising are foods that are packed in fats and carbohydrates. It has been proved that these elements are more important than protein for the body and muscles before exercise.

Therefore, it is recommended to have oats mixed with honey or banana or eat a medium piece of dark chocolate or a handful of nuts before strength and endurance exercises.

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Having protein shake after exercise

This is the best time to have protein shakes. The protein you consume post exercising increases muscle size and mass because it is quickly absorbed. Besides this, having a protein shake immediately after exercise is essential to speed up muscle recovery by restoring tissues and fibers exhausted from exercise. This makes you stronger and promotes a faster rate of muscle growth.


Unsplash | According to experts, the best time to have a protein shake is after exercise since it helps with muscle recovery

To give a final word

While protein shakes are excellent sources of nutrients, you must also consume natural protein and not depend solely on artificial powders and supplements. Some of the best natural sources of protein include meat, eggs, and fish. However, you should take protein in moderation because its overdose can strain the liver and kidneys.

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