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This New Travel Offering Will Take You out of This World–Literally 

Here’s some good news for people who have a taste for adventurous travel. Destinations will soon be broadened to include man’s final frontier: outer space.

Vacation in Space

There are reportedly only three people currently aboard the ISS

Axiom, a space exploration company, is gearing to start a space tourism program that would take people out into space.

Together with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and French designer Philippe Starck, the company is promising to fly tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) come 2024.

As can be expected, such an out of this world vacation would cost people a hefty price. Reports say that the trip would cost as much as $35,000.

But that isn’t the only hurdle adventure-seekers need to go through to make their dreams of space exploration come true. Undergoing a 15-week training is also required for the passengers.

This reportedly entails extreme environments training and jet flights. Before all that though, people would need to pass a physical screening as well.

Comfortable Accommodations

A look inside Axiom’s space station interiors

The fee for the once in a lifetime opportunity might be justified by the accommodations travelers will get to enjoy at their destination.

NASA and Starck have ensured the ‘modules’ they’ll spend their trip in are as comfortable as home.

The French designer even specifically envisioned them to resemble a ‘ nest, a comfortable and friendly egg’. In the end, he said they wanted to create the best kind of environment for humans in outer space.

Inside, travelers can expect to have WiFi access and large windows to themselves showcasing views of both Earth and the vast expanse of space.

The modules are also furnished with padded walls, which are equipped with color-changing nano-LEDs as well as touchscreen handles and screens. The supplies for travelers even match the look of the modules.

Speaking more on his design principles, Starck shares the many possibilities creating for space. He particularly highlighted how things on Earth are held down by gravity while life beyond it has ‘multidirectional freedom’.

The Future

A rendering of what the Axiom space station would look like 

The Axiom space station will be built attached to the ISS as it orbits the planet. It would reportedly be connected specifically to the station’s front node to allow great views of Earth.

And to capitalize on this, the company said that it would have the largest window observatory to be ever built for space.

The Axion space station, which would also serve as a research facility and be manned by its own crew, will eventually detach from the ISS after the latter retires in about a decade.

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