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Summer’s Treasures- Watermelon and Its Health Benefits

We have a handful of summertime staple fruits on our list, and watermelon is undoubtedly in our top 5 picks. Not only is this juicy fruit super delicious, but it’s also incredible how good it is for your body!

We’re sure you haven’t heard of all the health benefits that come packed with this green-coated fruit. Read ahead to learn all about it, how to find a perfectly ripe one, and how to incorporate it into your drinks, snacks, meals, and desserts.

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Health Benefits of Watermelon

It keeps you hydrated;

Yup, the fruit doesn’t have the word “water” in it by chance- just one bite of it will make you realize that it is basically 95% water. There are about 5 ounces of water in each cup of watermelon! Staying hydrated and consuming foods with a high water ratio supports circulation, digestion, and skin health, along with other bodily functions. In fact, hydration has been linked with mental health, with research focusing on the effects of losing even 1-3% of body fluids and its results on mood, concentration, and anxiety.

It helps lower blood pressure;

A natural substance found in watermelon (especially the white part) called L-citrulline is reportedly useful in helping blood vessels relax, thereby improving circulation in the body. Improving the function of arteries, and muscle oxygenation, have also been highlighted as the positives that come with the intake of this substance.

It helps in healthy weight management;

Thanks to the natural sweetness of the fruit, it is effective in managing weight when consumed in the substitution of processed sweets. This was proven through a study conducted at San Diego State University in which participants were split into two groups, with one consuming low-fat cookies and the other consuming two cups of fresh watermelon, both equal in calorie-count.

At the one month mark, researchers found that watermelon had a higher satiety level, lasting up to 90 minutes after consumption, thereby aiding in weight-loss, while cookies tended to increase hunger.

Deposit Photos | Watermelon can improve your mood and mental health

How to choose the best one?

Experts say that the rarely known trick to finding the ripest and most delicious watermelon is looking for a cream-colored or yellow spot, also known as the ground spot. This indicates that the fruit has reached its peak ripeness. Apart from that, you should always pick it up to see how heavy it is. A good watermelon will always have a good amount of weight on it, on account of all the water it contains.

According to studies, storing your watermelon at room temperature will allow it to retain maximum antioxidants, up to 139%, in fact. Be sure to wash off the surface before you cut into it to avoid bacteria and germs from transferring inside the fruit.

Ways to devour this delicious fruit;

You’d be surprised to know that watermelon can be featured in both sweet and savory dishes. And it works!

Here are a few options for your next big meal:

1. Fruit salad made from watermelon balls or cubes, with an assortment of fruits;

2. Garden vegetable salad with watermelon balls or cubes, with an assortment of veggies;

3. Watermelon and avocado (coated with lime juice) skewer appetizers;

4. Watermelon salsa made with red onions, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, and lime juice;

5. Watermelon cubes dipped in melted dark chocolate;

6. Watermelon and coconut milk drink/popsicles.

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Watermelon is amazing the way it is but, it never hurts to amp it up to make full meals, desserts, or snacks.

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