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Bored of Everyone Telling You to Eat Healthy? Take These Tips & Forget About The Rest

Most people misunderstand the term “healthy eating.” Some believe it means limiting what you can eat, staying away from your favorite food, and not getting fat. In reality, though, eating healthy includes a ton of other things which, when you follow, make you feel great, brew with energy, and avoid mood swings.


Unsplash | If the term “healthy eating” confuses you,  these tips are sure to help

But we know open-ended statements like that are often confusing, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best healthy eating tips you will ever come across. Each of these tips has been contributed by real people, so you can be sure they will actually work.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

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Eat slowly

Before we get to what your body needs, let’s start with how you eat. Please don’t get defensive. We only mean to highlight the speed at which you chew. Research has shown that fast eaters tend to be more obese than slow eaters.

When you eat, certain hormones communicate with your brain when you’re full. Normally, such communication takes about 25 minutes to complete. So if you’re a fast eater, you’ll keep eating during that time without realizing that you’re actually overeating. There won’t be such a problem with a slow eater. And did you know that slow eating has also been found to drastically reduce the amount of calorie intake?


Unsplash | Experts recommend eating slowly to avoid getting overly full

Concentrate on starchy carbohydrates

Now that you know slow eating is the best, let’s look at the kind of food that can benefit you the most. The first on our list are starchy carbohydrates. Did you realize that most of what you eat is starchy carbohydrate? Some people say they aren’t good at all, but if you choose them well, you can actually benefit from them. Pick starchy carbohydrates with high fiber; they’re way are better than white starchy carbohydrates.

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Try more fish and vegetables

If you’re practicing healthy eating, start eating more fish! Fish is a rich source of protein which helps build and repair tissues. It’s also brim-full of vitamins and minerals, and oily fish in particular is rich in Omega-3-fats which prevent heart diseases.

The most commonly available oily fish are salmon, mackerel, herring and pilchards. You can eat the non-oily fish also as they contain a large amount of protein. They include haddock, cod, hake and tuna. Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals too and they help in the breaking down of food molecules in the stomach.


Unsplash | You should try sticking to more veggies and fish since they’re packed with nutrients

The bottom line

Watch what you eat and how you eat it. Eat slowly and pick food that’s rich in nutrients. As much as you’re practicing these tips, there are more things you should do to compliment them, like eating less sugar and not skipping breakfast. Enjoy yourself and stay healthy.

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