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Food and Nutrition Tips during Self Quarantine

Staying at home for a long time in this quarantine period can be quite boring if you are habitual of an active life. But you can utilize this time to learn a skill, connect with old friends, or work on your health.

Isn’t this a good way to utilize all this time without the guilt of wasting it?

Let’s share a few tips for food and nutrition to make this quarantine time productive for you.

· Hydrate

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for proper gut function and clear skin. Due to reduced physical activity in quarantine, you might not be taking enough water for hydration which can affect your health. Doctors recommend 8 to 12 glasses of water daily for good health. A very simple trick is to drink one glass of water every hour so you drink around 12+ glasses of water daily.

· Take More Proteins

This situation is critical for all of us and we need to take measures to keep us safe from any kind of harm. Incorporating more proteins in your diet can help boost immunity and fight against any external pathogens. Red meat and beans are also great to increase hemoglobin in the body.

· Foods for Immunity

Vitamin C is also an excellent immunity booster. Particularly in this time of vulnerability, vitamin C sources like citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, lime can help you strengthen your immune system and make it stronger to fight against viruses and bacteria.
Additionally, replacing your regular black or milk tea with ginger and lemon tea is also a fantastic immunity strengthener.

A Few Other Tips to Stay Healthy During Isolation,

· Cook at home

Many of us do not have time to cook owing to our busy schedules. However, this quarantine period is a nice time to cook something healthy for yourself and your family. There are plenty healthy recipes on the internet that utilize fresh food to create delicious dishes.

· Safe food practices

The food can only be healthy if it is safe! You can ensure good food hygiene by following a few steps by the World Health Organization:

  • Clean your hands, utensils and kitchen tidy
  • Use safe water
  • Keep raw meat away from cooked food
  • Do not eat undercooked food

· Exercise

Do not forget to take out time for some stretching in this quarantine time! 30 minutes of exercise is recommended for adults by WHO, and 60 minutes for children. Do some stretching, yoga or use a treadmill to keep yourself active throughout the day. Exercising daily along with healthy eating can also be helpful if you wish to shed some extra pounds by just staying at home.

Bonus Tip:

WHO recommends not buying extra stuff during the current COVID-19 pandemic as panic shopping can lead to junk-munching which is hazardous for the health of children and adults or both!

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