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Lizzo’s Making Serious Changes About Her Life and It’s Totally Inspiring

The past year has been a whirlwind of back-to-back successes for singer Lizzo. Now, the Grammy Award-winning musician is seriously rethinking what she wants for her future and it’s a total 180 from her original plans.

Opening Herself Up

Lizzo herself had a close relationship with her father until his death when she was just 21

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer has decided to open herself up more whether it’s towards new friendships, working on her relationship with her family and even the idea of having children and a family of her own. This is quite a big deal for the 31-year-old performer, who initially thought who’d have ‘no children, two friends’, and just her work in music. But things are different now though her albums still remain to be her ‘babies’

As part of this new mission to be more open, Lizzo also shared some details about one of her past heartbreaks, which she actually used as an inspiration for her ‘Cuz I Love You’ album. While she didn’t disclose the identity of her past love, she did say that she doesn’t regret the relationship and the pain that it brought. She believes that she needed that brush with heartbreak as pain is a human experience. What more, Lizzo says she isn’t sad because she found a constructive way to use that pain.

Isolated & Disconnected

The ‘Juice’ singer often shares her personal thoughts with her fans on Instagram

Another thing Lizzo opened up about is the feelings of isolation and disconnection she felt while working on her last album under Nice Life and Atlantic Records. After dealing with a demanding work schedule, she had a mental breakdown while touring. There was one silver lining though. This prompted her to seek therapy, which then helped her be more open as an artist. As she explained, the experience taught her how to be vulnerable first with a stranger, then to people she knew and then finally as a vocalist.

What’s Next

The singer has also become a voice pushing for body positivity in the industry

So, after winning three Grammys at the recent music awards and successfully bursting into the scene competitive mainstream music scene, what’s next for Lizzo? Well, word on the street is she’s back on the road to tour and has even booked headline performances at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. And with her new mindset and recent sold out show, she’s gearing to make some changes in the industry by showing how audiences are ready to see more female headliners.


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