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These Magical Secrets About Matcha Will Make You Want To Grab A Cup Right Now!

Would you believe us if we told you there’s a kind of powdered Japanese tea that’s become somewhat of a craze around the world currently? We’re talking about Matcha, and if you like keeping yourself updated with #trending stuff, we bet you’ve already heard about it.

Matcha is a form of green tea with the difference that instead of dipping it, you stir it. It’s most commonly available in powdered form, and as opposed to regular green tea where you have to discard the leaves before drinking, in Matcha’s case, you drink everything since it’s stirred right in. So basically, you’re drinking the leaves and thus getting all those benefits you threw away with other green teas. Awesome or what!


Pexels | Japanese powdered green tea Matcha is #trending

Now that we’ve got you all excited about Matcha, let us uncover some of its cool secrets you probably didn’t know.

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How is Matcha prepared?

If you read what we said above, you’ve probably already guessed that Matcha isn’t prepared like the traditional green tea. So then how is it done?

To prepare Matcha, the plants are covered with shaded cloths before harvesting. This enhances the leaves to possess great flavor and a more delicate texture. The leaves are then hand-picked and allowed to undergo steaming, which stops their fermentation. Then, the leaves are dried and kept in cold storage. Finally, they are ground into a fine powder, packed, and delivered to your steaming cup!

Is sipping Matcha the only way to consume it?

Well, of course not! Besides being had as tea, Matcha is used as an ingredient in several sweet and savory recipes. You may not believe it, but these dishes are real – matcha puddings, matcha soup, match guacamole, etc. There are so many more fantastic Matcha recipes on Google. Knock yourself out!


Pexels | You can sip to matcha stirred in hot water, or use it in the recipe for a pudding, a soup, or even a cookie

Matcha is an amazing meditation supplement

Have you ever heard of monks sipping tea during meditation? That’s a shocking fact! And here’s another one for you – they love Matcha! Research conducted on the tea has shown that it contains an amino acid known as L-theanine, enhancing the state of relaxation and well-being. It also aids the brain functioning. No wonder monks have all the answers, and they’re still pretty composed in life.

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The magic tea supports weight loss – okay, that was a given!

A green tea that supports weight loss; there’s nothing unique about that, right? Well true, but according to research, Matcha has such a low level of caloric count, and it enhances the metabolic rate to such a level that it promotes weight loss by almost four times faster than any other green tea. How’s that for brand new information!


Pexels | It is helpful in meditation and support weight loss

To Conclude

Matcha is every bit worth the hype it’s receiving. While you can get it at your nearest store, be careful since adulterated Matcha has made its way to the stores. People are selling a mixture of sugar, cocoa, and a little Matcha masked as the real deal, but you should be smarter than falling for that.

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