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Intuitive Eating: Not an all-you-can-eat Binge Offer but a Way to get Attuned to Your Body’s Food Needs

In this modern world, there is hardly anyone who has not been captivated by the false claims of diets that promise permanent weight loss. You have been wired to categorize food into good and bad. Carbohydrates are unhealthy. Cakes are definitely off-limits. Multiply your protein intake. Take vitamin supplements to overcome your diet deficiency. Lastly, a mantra that has stuck with each diet: restrict your calorie intake.

If you have ever put these outrageous claims to the test, you must have discovered that the fat you strived so hard to shed off attacks will full ferocity once you deviate from these restrictive diets.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating (I.E) is a new paradigm for eating intuitively and allowing your body to take charge of your food intake by evaluating its own appetite and requirement. This has mainly surfaced in the past few years to help normalize the body’s innate ability to eat a balanced diet, which has largely been curbed and undermined by diet restrictions.

Deposit Photos | Your body will always behave as nature intends it to

To keep you thoroughly informed on the subject, we have debunked some myths attached to it.

1. Shun any and every diet control

Myth: It will lead you to a sugar-and-cheese-loaded diet intake.

I.E is an upholder of no restrictions on food. It recommends eating according to your appetite and your mental cues regarding food. Yes, initially, this may mean that you will crave a lot of sugar and cheese, and your meals may majorly constitute pastries and pizzas.

But, this phase does not last long. Once these meal choices are not a taboo, these will lose their attraction, and you will no longer pine for them. You may eventually start seeking variety and gobble down the greens on your plate.

Unsplash | Life is short, might as well eat what you want to

2. Respect your hunger

Myth: Eat only when you are ravenous and stop as soon as you feel full

That is not exactly the right portrayal of I.E. The diet does encourage you to eat according to your capacity, but, it insists on enjoying a peaceful relationship with your food. If you are on a travel and anticipate hunger, it is alright if you decide to eat before you start the journey even if you are not feeling hungry right then.

Similarly, you may eat out of your schedule if being offered food by a friend or if you feel a desire to eat something. There is nothing reproachful in doing so. In fact, it is the implementation of the very first principle, which asks you to reject diet controls.

3. Respect your body

Myth: Intuitive eating is an effective weight loss regime

Intuitive eating insists on accepting your body’s shape and size. It recommends you avoid overeating, as well as eating below your body’s requirement. Everybody is different with different size and shape specifications. I.E might cause you to lose weight, but it is not definite. Most people gain back a few pounds that they had shed forcefully through different diet plans.

Unsplash | Don’t let anyone shame you for going for that pizza

Take Away

Intuitive eating is all about encouraging acceptance for your body’s prime need of food. It supports a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. In I.E, a healthy diet is one that does not take a mental toll on you and stop you from consuming as per your wish. After all, eating food is one of the greatest but, underestimated joys of life.

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