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The Mediterranean Diet: the Sure-Fire Way to Live a Healthier Life

The countries that lie across the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy, Greece, and Spain, consume a diet based on fresh farm produce. This diet is accoladed as the Mediterranean diet and has produced terrific results concerning healthy bacteria culture in the gut. Because of its numerous benefits in helping you age healthily, this diet is hailed as the Holy Grail of nutrition.

Unsplash | Italians are avid followers of the Mediterranean diet

A few of the benefits of this diet have been recorded below:

  1. It is effective in reducing body inflammation;
  2. It supports a healthy cardiovascular system;
  3. It reduces the probability of cancer;
  4. It extends life expectancy;
  5. It strengthens the brain’s cognitive skills;
  6. It decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

But, what is so different about the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet certainly has a lot of benefits. In an experiment carried out on 612 adults aged between 65 to 79 years old from the European Union, the Mediterranean diet, observed by half the participants for a span of one year, was able to draw them out of frailty and improved the gut microorganism culture; whereas, the other half of the participants who stuck to the traditional Western diet, stayed weak.

Unsplash | Many people grow their own produce when switching to this diet

The Mediterranean diet relies heavily on a vegan-based diet such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts complemented by olive oil. White meat and dairy product have secondary importance. There is a very rare consumption of red meat and processed foods. Wine is also consumed in moderation alongside meals, with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, governed by social and cultural norms. There is proper organization of communal mealtime, followed by a period of brief rest to aid digestion. Physical activity is also a cardinal part of the everyday routine of the people living around the Mediterranean Sea.

According to Professor O’Toole, head of the school of microbiology in Ireland, a shift to a Mediterranean diet would not produce an immediate result. It is a progressive recovery and must be allowed a span of at least half a year to reveal marked improvements in health.

Unsplash | Fruits, veggies and nuts are essentials in Mediterranean diets

Is the Mediterranean diet suitable for everyone?

If you are concerned about the ease of transitioning to a Mediterranean diet, rest assured that it is no science. This regimen has been awarded the title of being the best diet by US News and World report. It scores on the ground of affordability, tastefulness, and being balanced. It is family-friendly and allows variation by accepting the mediocre introduction of meat in the weekly diet plan.

Health should be the topmost priority of your life so, start today and live a healthy life.

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