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Did You Know That You Might Have Contracted the Novel Coronavirus and Recovered Without Even Realizing It?

Continuous researches and studies by experts state that people had started getting infected by coronavirus before the lockdown even started. If you had cold and throat infection symptoms in the winter-time, it is likely that you already suffered through COVID-19. Most people who had this infectious disease did not experience any severe symptoms. 

According to scientists, an estimated 40% of corona patients do not exhibit any sign of this infection. This is the reason why you may have ignored it, or treated it as influenza or seasonal cold

Pixabay | Scientists are working tirelessly to understand the virus

The first reported cases of coronavirus appeared in February 2020. However, recent research implies that the virus must have infiltrated the entire world right about the time it started spreading in China. Experts stated that in December 2019, out of every 2 influenza cases, one was a COVID-19 case.

Were you sick around that time? If yes, it cannot be guaranteed whether the cold you suffered during winters 2019 was actually the coronavirus. However, expert physicians and researchers state a few signs that can hint whether you have already contracted corona and achieved immunity.

1. You experienced severe flu

Did you experience a very severe bout of flu? A very long-lasting spell of cold, that caused endless fatigue, may be attributed to the coronavirus.

2. You experienced a loss of olfactory and gestational sense

It’s uncommon for seasonal flu to decapacitate you from your five senses. If you momentarily lost your sense of smell and taste, you likely contracted the virus. One of its identifying symptoms includes the absence of the generic senses for a significant span of time.

Deposit Photos | You might already be immune to the deadly virus!

3. You had a long coughing streak

It is not unheard of to attribute cough to seasonal allergies and dust. However, scientists are now stressing that if you experienced a long duration of fever accompanied by coughing during the past few months, you might have been a victim of coronavirus.

4. You experienced severe hair fall post recovery from fever

Many known patients of coronavirus revealed that they experienced major hair loss after recovering from it. If you too experienced weakness and hair fall post fever, the chances are it was not a normal fever spell but the deadly coronavirus.

Pixabay | Until a vaccine is created, you should wear a mask during every activity

According to scientists studying the pattern of the virus spread, many people in urban cities frequented by global visitors may have experienced the first wave before it was identified by the doctors.

However, if you spent those initial months in a village, you might have remained safe from the epidemic. Good news: if you live in a village, your flu might have been just that. If you lived in a city and experienced a terrible case of seasonal flu, chances are your body has raised immunity towards the frowned upon corona.

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