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No Amount of Money Will Ever Get These Wealthy Celebs a Ferrari Ever Again

Celebrities are among the lucky sector of people who can easily afford almost any kind of luxury car they want.

What most people might not know though is that some of these coveted car brands tend to be quite discerning about who they allow to own their automobiles.

One such automaker is Ferrari and word on the street is that the Italian manufacturer has a list of celebrities banned from being in the brand’s exclusive ‘fraternity’.

Nicolas Cage

Cage has reportedly blown through his $150 million fortune due to his lavish spending habits

It seems like Nicolas Cage has become equally known for both his prolific filmography and infamous money troubles. Unfortunately, the latter might be the reason why the 56-year-old actor has allegedly landed himself on Ferrari’s blacklist.


Rappers are known for their preference for the expensive things in life and Tyga certainly fits the bill. It’s just that the musician may have gotten into the habit of biting off more than he can chew.

Apparently, the 30-year-old ‘Ayy Macarena’ singer has a reputation for skipping off his lease payments for some sports cars in his possession. In fact, things have gotten to a point where Ferrari sued him for owing money for a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider.

Justin Bieber

The Ferrari car Bieber was lost was eventually found several weeks later

For some time, Justin Bieber was the topic of headlines thanks to his erratic and sometimes law-breaking behavior. One of his most infamous stunts is losing a Ferrari 458 Italia. As can be expected, the Italian luxury car maker wasn’t too pleased with what happened allegedly leading them to put the singer on their blacklist.

50 Cent

The popularity of social media has definitely contributed to some drastic changes to how celebrities interact with their fans as well as brands. That said rapper and producer 50 Cent reportedly got on Ferrari’s bad side due to one of his Instagram posts. He publicly aired some dissatisfaction with his Ferrari 488.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Some sources estimate that the boxing champ has bought over 100 luxury cars

It’s no secret that boxer Floyd Mayweather has tons of cash to splurge on just about any kind of car he wants. Sadly, his wealth might not buy him any more Ferraris after he’s been blocked to own them.

Rumor has it that the company has found out about Mayweather’s habit of only keeping cars for a few months after he’s showed them off.

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