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6 Foods You Must Avoid For The Sake of Your Heart

Junk food is everywhere. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, it finds a way back to us. One really has to have a rock-solid will to turn down a plate full of delicious looking crispy fries when they’re hungry! But TBH, that slight tip of the scale toward a burger against a bowl of salad could be all that it takes for a heart attack to come knocking at the door.


Unsplash | If you want a healthy heart, you need to start avoiding junk food

If we want our hearts to continue functioning smoothly, we need to start cutting out the junk from our lives. And to help you with the task, we’ve prepared a list of the most common unhealthy foods that can put your heart at risk. Have a look.

P.S: You might find some of your favorite munchies on the list!

Fat-free packaged snacks

Fat-free packaged food was once the best option for those who wanted to lose their weight. But unfortunately, that’s no longer the case since more such foods are heavily processed these days, and it’s no secret that processed food isn’t that great.

Fancy coffee drinks

You may be wondering how a cup of coffee could be a cardiac crime. Well, the truth is that your complete dose of sugar for the day might be hidden in that single sweet coffee cup! A cappuccino can provide more carbohydrates than 4 ½ pieces of bread, without offering any fiber or nutritional value. So what’s the point in boosting your saturated fat intake every day?

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Unsplash | You’ve probably heard a million times, but excessive coffee in any form is bad for health


How much harm can one slice of pizza do, right? Well actually, a lot! A single slice of pizza with cheese spread all over along with pepperoni sausage and pickled jalapenos is equivalent to 50 percent or more of your daily sodium requirement. Now think about it – is it really worth it?

Fruit smoothies

A fruit smoothie and unhealthy?! We know that’s a shocker, but the negatives here lie in the serving size and the amount of sugar in your smoothie. According to theories, smoothies ought to be healthy, unless you prefer to enhance their taste by adding sugar to them.

Table salt

Can one completely remove salt from their food? We know it may not be easy. But when you learn that about 70 percent of your total sodium consumption comes from packaged foods and another 15 percent from natural ingredients, you’ll want to control the rest 15 percent that you keep adding from the shaker on the table!


Unsplash | Even something as common as table salt can cause harm if consumed in excess


We know you’ll disagree to this if you’re fond of adding Ketchup to almost every dish, but hear us out because it’s in your interest. Store-bought ketchup is loaded with sugar and sodium. Just 2 tablespoons provides 320 milligrams of sodium which is quite a major portion of an average person’s recommended sodium intake. And we don’t need to tell you how harmful excess sodium can be for your heart.

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To Conclude

A healthy heart means a healthy life. And to tell you the truth, it’s not that hard to cut down these foods. You can easily find healthy alternatives to them. A few steps towards your fitness will make a difference in your life.

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