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 Hilary Duff Wants Her Kids yo Follow Her Footsteps But Not in Becoming a Hollywood Star

Despite her celebrity status, former ‘Lizzie Mcguire’ star Hilary Duff is a lot like other mothers who want the best for their kids. That’s why she’s teaching her children some valuable lessons pretty early on in their life.

Passing on Habits

Duff posing with her kids during a photoshoot for Parents magazine

In an interview accompanying her April cover of Parents magazine, which also features her one-year-old daughter Banks Violet and seven-year-old son Luca Cruz, Duff shared about passing on her earth-friendly ways on to her children. She particularly talked about how she and musician husband Matthew Koma are now beginning to explain to the boy why they do their environmentalist habits. Although Luca is getting more involved, the 32-year-old actress says that her son also gets a ‘little heartbroken’ when they do explain things to him.

She remains set on implementing more rules to help save the environment in their household though. One of the things they currently practice is using reusable containers for both keeping snacks and leftovers. And although this practice means more dishes, she knows that it can also make a difference.

Practicing What She Preaches

Duff is also part of Unilever and Walmart’s shopper education program called ‘Bring It to the Bin’

The ‘Younger’ actress is certainly one to practice what she preaches. She’s previously shared her own recycling tips in interviews and encouraged others to do the same. Talking about how only 9% of all plastic packaging ends up being recycled, she asked more brands to reuse and recycle their old packaging into new ones.

Duff also touted the importance of buying products that are environmentally-friendly and changing habits to make this happen. Another thing she suggested other people do is to properly sort their household trash into the correct bins, a thing that she practices in her own home.

Blended Family

The family of four during the couple’s wedding

 She juggles crusading for the environment with raising her blended family. Duff recently wed Koma in an intimate ceremony at their Los Angeles home. Their union joins Duff and Luca, who she shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie, and Koma and their daughter Banks Violet into one family. The actress also talked about how his two boys get along with each other revealing how Koma and Luca have formed a special relationship. She even says that the duo has coined a name for them as ‘the sweet team’. Before dating the songwriter, Duff was raising her son as a single mother after cutting ties with Comrie.


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