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These Instagram-Worthy Spots Prove That ‘Dreary’ London Can Be Totally Vibrant 

Keeping an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram page is a hobby for many people, influencer or not. What others don’t know though is the amount of effort it takes to actually achieve this. But fret not, there are tons of ‘Instagram-worthy’ spots just about in every city, even gloomy London. 

A Whimsical Bakery in Belgravia 

The bakery, which opened in 2010, is known for its pastel pink facade and parlor

Sure, Belgravia isn’t really a hidden treasure among Londoners. In fact, bloggers often used its storefronts for their own mini shoots.

One little-known spot people may want to check out though is Peggy Porschen, a celebrity-approved bakeshop.

Among the famous names attracted by the pink-hued shop are actress turned lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow and pop icon Madonna.

Annabel’s at Berkeley Square

Annabel’s is an exclusive club in Berkeley Square whose doors are only open to London’s elite but people don’t need a membership to enjoy its famed flower-adorned facade.

Follow the lead of Instagram influencers and strike a pose among the private club’s display of colorful petals to be easily transported to another place.

Neal’s Yard at Covent Garden

The alley is named after 17th century English project manager Thomas Neale

London has a reputation for being a gray and gloomy city. Luckily, there’s one spot in the city that’s the total opposite of this dreary visual.

The oft-forgotten Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden looks straight out of a colorful picture book with its technicolor storefronts.

Aside from its cozy and lively vibes, the small alley also offers a variety stores from a tiny cafe Jacob the Angel to a pizza place called Homeslice.

Dulwich Village

Want to go somewhere beyond the city center? Going to Dulwich Village in southeast London is a great way to get a taste of small town living without technically leaving the English capital.

The area isn’t entirely unknown, especially to the Instagram crowd, but it’s still got some underrated, photogenic spots.

There’s the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which houses numerous works from various European artists like Rembrandt and Rubens as well as a 10-meter high ‘color palace’ outside. Other notable spots are the park and the rows of mansions with the most pristine of lawns.

Brook Street

The Claridge hotel Christmas tree during the 2019 holiday season

Want to do some celebrity spotting while sightseeing? Brook Street is the way to go. The Mayfair street is known for its Georgian facades and the luxury hotel Claridge, where royals like Princess Eugenie reportedly enjoy their afternoon tea.

The five-star hotel’s glitzy exteriors are Instagram-worthy enough but things get elevated further during the holidays as the street becomes a festive sight of Christmas decorations.

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