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Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ First Date Was Nothing Like She Expected– Here’s Why

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are among the most admired celebrity couples today. The ‘Dark Phoenix’ star would’ve said otherwise though three years ago before she actually got to know the musician.

Group Date

The couple were often spotted together watching games and taking their dogs for walks

Apparently, Turner didn’t have the highest expectations about what would be her and Jonas’ first date. Speaking with Elle magazine, the 24-year-old former ‘Game of Thrones’ actress admitted that she worried about her now-husband being a ‘catfish’ or an awful person prior to meeting him in person.

In fact, she even thought that he was the type to show with security to their date. With these worries in mind, she ended up bringing her guy friends along with her to meet him.

Luckily, Jonas was nothing like she was afraid he would be. While the singer didn’t bring security, he did have a friend tag along with him. Within minutes, Turner said that she felt the two of them have already connected. They spent the next hours just talking with each other and it feeling ‘easy’ to do. Eventually, the British actress joined him on his tour.

Husband & Wife

The couple’s Las Vegas exchange of vows was witnessed by Jonas’ brothers

Around a year after they started dating, the couple announced their engagement in 2017. They first married each other in May 2019 in a simple Las Vegas ceremony held after going to the Billboard Music Awards.

They had a bigger wedding the following June in France and it looks like the young couple can’t be any happier. Turner has even gone on to say that she loves being married and that tying the knot further solidified their relationship.

The 24-year-old also admitted how she’s the one who’s punching way above her league being with the 30-year-old boybander. She describes her husband as a charismatic, funny, talented and handsome person.

Pregnancy Rumors

A recent photo of the couple out and about with their dog amidst pregnancy rumors

About nine months after they became Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, the celebrity couple are reportedly expecting their first baby. One of the news outlets who reported on the alleged pregnancy is Us Weekly, which broke the announcement in mid-February.

A source also told the publication that the actress is scheduled to deliver her child in the middle of the coming summer. Later in the month, another source shared that Turner and Jonas are both excited to become parents.  However, the couple has yet to deny or confirm these rumors.

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