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Emilia Clarke is BANNED from Taking Pictures with Fans for This Surprising Reason

We’ve all come to know and love Emilia Clarke for her incredible portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, but unlike her domineering character, the actress is pretty soft-hearted in real life.

In fact, she isn’t anything like the stern, intimidating Khaleesi we fell in love with. In real life, Clarke is a ball of positivity and it shows in all her public appearances.

Emilia isn’t anything like the stern, intimidating Khaleesi we fell in love with

The actress is always seen smiling and joking around, and even her costars are addicted to her energy. But her history with medical illnesses and health complications have made her more nervous about being recognized in public.

Last year, Clarke revealed that she suffered from two brain aneurysms during the filming of Game Of Thrones. The confession came as a shock to many fans who never guessed that a woman as jovial as Clake could be hiding such a big secret about her health.

The actress admitted to being under severe pressure during the time which made her anxiety worse over time. Her health went from bad to worse after news outlets started keeping tabs on her every movement, and people recognized her wherever she would go.

The actress admitted to being under severe pressure after her surgery

The actress even recalled a time when she was having a panic attack in public and a fan decided to approach her for a picture. The incident was so traumatic that she has now made a strict rule about not taking selfies with fans.

This confession came during the Table Manners podcast where the actress told Jessie Ware that interacting with fans has become more stressful for her over the years.

Clarke said that the horrific ordeal happened while she was at an airport, coming home after a long day of shooting when she suddenly started to experience the symptoms of a panic attack.

She believed that the episode was brought on by extreme exhaustion but what made it worse was when she was caught in the moment by an excited fan who wanted to meet her.

You may never get to take a selfie with Khaleesi

Clarke was on the phone with her mum, who was trying to comfort her daughter in the midst of a panic attack when the fan approached her and asked for a selfie.

Since then, she has made it a point to steer clear of photos with fans but she still loves to give autographs and interact with her admirers whenever she is approached in public.

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