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Is it Healthy to Skip the Protein-rich Diet? Understanding the Importance of Protein in Your Diet

In recent years low protein diets are trending world over. People start following a specific diet plan that proves to be beneficial for their peers without looking at a more comprehensive picture. Before one decides on a particular weight reducing method, its essential to know the role of a protein-rich diet in your current well-being-being and its long term effects on a human body.

Importance of protein in the human body

Protein is derived from the Greek word “Protos,” which means first. It signifies the importance of its presence in the human body. 20% of the human body is composed of protein, namely hair, nails, brain tissue, skin, connective tissue, and muscle. Therefore, proteins are essential for keeping human health in check, especially once we reach old age.

Protein is a complex form of building blocks, named as Amino Acids. Out of 20, our body can produce 11 types of amino acids on its own. The rest of the nine most essential amino acids are gained from plants and animals. Once you start aging, the body parts begin to deteriorate, but the presence of enough essential amino acids can help repair and build up the muscles and tissues. The presence of enough proteins ensures that your internal system can function efficiently, and your organs can produce the required enzymes to aid your well-being at all stages of growth.

Unsplash | Certain nutrients can delay the aging process

Foods that are rich in protein

If you’re the one who has been avoiding proteins, its time for you to understand the importance of protein and revise your diet plan. Consume a sufficient amount of protein daily to stay fit and healthy. Try including the following protein-rich food to your daily meals:

  • – Poultry (chicken and eggs)
  • – Meat
  • – Dairy (milk, cream, and cheese)
  • – Eggs
  • – Seeds, nuts and nut butter
  • – Soy foods (tofu, tempeh, etc.)
  • – Lentils, peas oats, and beans

Unsplash | Nuts and their by-products are great for a healthy diet

Is skipping protein a healthy way to eat?

With an increasing trend of a low-protein diet, people start losing weight initially, but they realize that it was not the best step once they start aging. Unfortunately, realizing their mistake at that time is of no benefit. No protein diet is not at all a wiser choice. Given the importance of proteins for most of our body parts, depriving the body of the essential amino acids would later lead to weakness and the faster collapse of human organs.

Unsplash | No matter what diet you’re on, the importance of exercise cannot be understated

Studies show that people who intake sufficient protein are much healthier and put on less weight than those surviving on a low-protein diet. Moreover, studies prove that people who intake enough proteins do not experience excessive muscle loss even at a later age. A high protein diet helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, as well.

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