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Low-Carb Favorites: Everything Chrissy Teigen Eats in a Day

If you’re wondering what a former swimsuit model and bestselling cookbook author eats on a regular basis, we have evidence from Chrissy’s personal social media accounts to prove her love for low-carb meals.

The mum-of-two loves scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast in the morning. Lunch consists of some type of a hearty salad high in lean protein and fresh vegetables.

Snacking is a usual affair in the Legend household, and a perfect post-lunch snack involves plenty of fruits, juices and sandwiches — basically anything and everything the kids want!

Snacking is a usual affair in the Legend household

Dinner is never a boring affair in Teigen’s kitchen. With hundreds of recipes in her arsenal, the chef knows how to wow her family with a variety of dishes, from her husband John Legend’s favorite Jamaican curry chicken to thai delicacies and Chrissy’s world-famous lemon arugula pasta.

But while Chrissy eats healthy most of the time, she also likes to tuck into her guilty pleasures every once in a while, especially her grilled cheese sandwiches, which she admits has become a night-time snacking ritual in her house.

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