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How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

Happiness is a beautiful feeling that is highlighted even more when you are surrounded by negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings.

Achieving true happiness is easier said than done. Here you can find a few simple practices that will help you boost your mood and rewire your brain for true happiness.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to instill positive thoughts into your brain. When your brain experiences a relaxing feeling, it gradually takes all the negative thoughts away from your life. Experts say that meditating for only 2 minutes a day can have positive effects on your mind.

The 3-minute meditation series can be a great start to a positive life. The series focuses on medical techniques that are proven to reduce stress and negativity.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to feel happy while staying fit at the same time. WHO recommends 30 minutes of exercise daily because it will release Endorphins and Dopamine. These hormones also called, happiness hormones, aid to keep you happy!

Regular exercise can help you keep your anger and negative emotions in control by increasing the number of happy hormones in the body.

3. Express gratitude

Have you ever sat and wondered about all the blessings of life?

It is said that a grateful mind is a happy mind as gratitude makes you recall all the good things you possess. Let’s tell you a simple practice that can help you to stay happy and positive. You can begin today by penning down one blessing in life you are grateful for. But, try not to write the same every day so you have a new thing to be thankful for, every day!

4. Listening

Listening to the right kind of music or motivational podcasts can help to elevate the positivity in you. Not only they motivate you to do better but help you wonder how positive thoughts can bring major successful changes to your life.

5. Writing

Writing is considered to be a great way to vent out your feeling. It is not only a great tool to spill all those negative thoughts on a piece of paper for relaxation, rather writing down good memories and events can trick your mind to look into the brighter perspective of life.

Studies have shown that twenty minutes of writing daily improves brain functioning and provides a feeling of happiness.

6. Practice 5 acts of kindness Every Week

This exercise practiced by students of Stanford proved to elevate happiness levels dramatically in the participants. The Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) exercise motivates you to do 5 acts of kindness every week regardless if it’s somebody you know or a stranger. You can plan your activities or just help somebody in need, like taking the neighbor’s dog out for a stroll, paying for someone’s food or checking out on the elderly in your neighborhood.

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