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Are All Your Efforts at Losing Weight Turning Up Ineffective? Reasons Why Your Diet Regimen May Be Failing You

Obesity is a burden upon your life and health. But sometimes, despite all the arsenal you load against it, your excess weight sticks to you with rigidity. No matter how many miles you run on the treadmill or the number of calories you reduce in your diet, your efforts yield no loss in your inches.

Unsplash | Sometimes, no amount of exercise helps

General Guidelines for Losing Weight

If you are struggling to lose weight, you must be aware of the general rule for all diet plans- reduce your calorie intake and burn off the excess calories through rigorous exercise.

Why are You Still Unsuccessful at Shedding Your Excess Fat?

Some people on the weight loss journey reveal that even when they are meticulously following a restrictive diet regimen, and exercising vigilantly, they lose some pounds in the initial few months but see no progress later.

This can be a very discouraging phase. In the field of nutritional sciences, this period is termed as a “plateau” reached due to the body’s adaptation to a new normal.

Unsplash | Try not to give up and go on an eating binge

If you too are suffering from this standstill phase in your weight loss journey, here are a few things you may consider to kickstart the fat burn again.

  1. The diet is not adapting to your changing body requirements.

As you lose weight in your initial days of the weight loss journey, you need to prune your calorie intake accordingly. Since you now sport a lighter body than when you embarked on your weight loss journey, it is likely your body requires even lesser calories to continue shedding pounds.

  1. Consuming too little calories

A few ambitious people may severely restrict their calorie intake. In doing so, they trigger their body into a preservative mode, where your body does not burn off any calories and stores it to save itself from starvation. You might even find yourself too lethargic to engage in any physical activity. It is also likely that you will find yourself cranky and unhappy.

  1. You are operating on a sleep deficit

Did you know that a lack of sleep can activate the hunger hormone in your body and compel you to eat more food? So if you are intent upon losing weight, make sure you are sleeping well and fulfilling your body’s need for rest.

Unsplash | Getting regular sleep is essential for weight loss

These are a few factors that may influence your weight loss journey. If you are keen on losing weight, consult a nutritionist every few weeks so that you are assured that your efforts are not in vain and will yield fruitful results.

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