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Are You Experiencing Stress or Burnout? Know the Difference and How To Combat It!

Often the words stress and burnout are used interchangeably but, very few people can differentiate them. You feel exhausted and demotivated due to work, health, financial issues, or an unstable relationship. How to figure out whether you are stressed out or burnt out?

Stress and Burnout- The Difference!

Stress is a state of mental disturbance one suffers due to some ongoing events in daily life. It can arise due to something as simple as work pressure at the office. However, stress is not always due to negative events. Sometimes you may be stressed due to a burden of responsibility like organizing a party for a friend.

A bride may also report that she is stressed due to the upcoming change in her life and her impending wedding. In simpler words, stress is defined as a feeling caused when a person is out of their comfort zone.

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On the other hand, burnout means severe stress that leads to clinical depression. If left unattended, it can lead to mental instability and health disorders. Burnout can be accurately attributed to major negative events that are left unresolved. It is caused due to unfair challenges and unjust treatment in life whether it is at a workplace, home, school, or college.

Symptoms of Burnout;

A few indications of burnout are exactly alike to those of stress, with one major difference. In stress, the mental turmoil wears off as soon as the matter is resolved. But if these symptoms persist and attain severity over a period, it could be a hint of burnout.

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Here are a few traits that would indicate that one is experiencing burnout:

  1. Demotivation for work

One might feel a lack of motivation to wake up and go to work or even socialize at parties. They might even dread to meet family or friends. They feel negative energy eliminating from everyone surrounding them, and constantly fear that someone in public might insult them or they could be laid off at the job.

  1. Sleeping disorders

If a person who usually slept 8 hours is sleeping for long durations or feels tired even after a proper rest, it is a clear sign that something is weighing on him. It is also probable that one ends up losing his sleep due to anxiety and displays symptoms of insomnia.

  1. Frequent headaches and migraine

Prolonged stress is difficult to deal with and often causes health issues. One might experience severe headaches or feel sick for unending durations without any clear medical condition.

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  1. Preferring isolation

Those who experience burnout disconnect themselves from family and friends. They fear to discuss their problems with others, thinking that there is no resolution to their query. They start thinking negatively. They fear people might either be sympathetic towards them or push them away thinking they are no more entertaining.

If one feels stressed out for a prolonged period and is diving deep in depression, they should immediately get family or medical help. If such people are left unattended for long, they might lose sanity or get suicidal. If there is someone around you who is showing these indications, it means it is not the usual stress that would wear off. Get into action. Start giving them attention, spend time with them, and try to gain their confidence.

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