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The 5 Delicious Alternatives to Salt that Will Make Your Food Healthier

Imagining food without salt is like imagining life without color. It feels tasteless. Salt is a must ingredient in most savory dishes. But, did you know having too much of it can harm your body, increasing heart and several other diseases?


Healthline | Too much salt can lead to health problems. Thus, try to substitute salt with a healthier alternative

Wait, you probably already know that. But you can’t really cut it off completely, right? Well, that’s where you need to reconsider your thoughts.

We’ve rounded up some of the best alternatives to salt, which if you use in your food regularly, your palate will not only become more flavorful but also healthier. Join us as we count them down.


We know, we know. If you have tarragon on its own it’s pretty bitter. But believe us, if you add it to your recipes, it can pack quite some flavor! So the next time you think of making scrambled eggs just don’t go heavy on the salt. Instead, season them with dried tarragon. It tastes best in dishes full of creamy sauce or butter.

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If you’re going to cut off salt because it’s harmful, why not substitute it with something that offers significant health benefits? Coriander tops our list in both taste and benefits. The herb with its floral and warm taste can make any dish delicious. It’s known for its richness in antioxidants and its advantage in boosting mental health.


Healthline | Having a natural earthy taste, coriander is rich in antioxidants and boost mental health

Nutritional yeast

Do you want to have popcorn but are pulled back by your salt cut down mission? Well, let us help you with it. Something cheesy with savory flavor will give popcorns just the kick you want. Yeah, we’re talking about nutritional yeast, and the amazing thing is, it doesn’t contain dairy no matter how cheezy you find it. In addition to being tasty, it helps controls your body cholesterol thanks to its beta-glucan fiber.


Ginger can make for the best replacement for salt in many dishes. Add some fresh chopped ginger to your soup, sauce, or fries and see the twist of flavors you get. If fresh ginger isn’t available, no worries, dried ginger will do the trick. And as far as the health benefits go, ginger is known to help with getting over muscle soreness. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent along with quite a few other benefits.

Ground black pepper

Salt and pepper are a classic culinary duo. Foodies all around the world crave for the taste of black paper in their dish. Just add a dash to your soup, pasta, pizza, roast, and other dishes and enjoy its mouthwatering taste. Black pepper decreases inflammation and reduces the likelihood of heart diseases and cancer. If you don’t like black paper or are allergic to it, you can opt for a white paper, chili paper, jalapenos, etc.

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Green Valley Spices | Black pepper gives a definitive kick to food while also reducing inflammation in the body

Wrapping it up

Salt serves as an essential part of our diet, but as they say, too much of anything is bad. So you just need to cut down your extra salt intake, and we’re sure the above-mentioned ingredients will help you out.

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