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5 Most Expensive Foods You Should Definitely Try Once

Virginia Woolf once said that one cannot think, love, or sleep well if one has not dined well. However, for some people, food is not only a necessity but rather it is a passion. Eating to live is the mainstream, but some live to eat!

So, when it comes to the love for good food, these people can even go overboard and spend loads of money to satisfy their tastes.

Some of these foods are utterly expensive worldwide, yet food lovers find the price justified for their experience.

Few of the globally most expensive foods include:

· Caviar

Caviar is a rare and excellent delicacy for food lovers. Made from the eggs of the Sturgeon fish, this luxury food can only be sold in small amounts legally owing to the endangering of Sturgeon fish. The clearer the roe (Caviar) is, the better its quality. If you do not know the value of Caviar, you might be surprised to know that one kg of Caviar can cost up to a whopping $35,000.

· Saffron

If you find Saffron being sold at $1000 or more per kg, don’t be startled as that is why it is called Red Gold! Saffron is among the priciest food items that come from the Middle East.
Saffron is picked from flowers that grow only for 7 days in Autumn through the year. It is said that it takes 3,00,000 flowers to get only one kilogram of saffron. That’s a lot of work! The royal flavor and scarcity of this spice is what justifies its extravagant price.

· Kopi Luwak coffee

Every coffee lover would know about Kopi Luwak Coffee and wish to have it one a life. But, this delicious luxury is as expensive as $700 per kg! Kopi Luwak coffee, also known as Civet coffee is defecated coffee produced by fermentation in the digestive system of the Civet cat. Though some people have their reservations, others believe that the fermentation enhances the flavor of coffee leading to a terrific espresso. However, you must do your research before buying it.

A Couple Highly Expensive but Comparatively Less Consumed Foods

White truffle

Sold for over $1,00,000 for a kg, these white truffles are not the ordinary ones. The white truffles having exquisite flavor and aroma grow in Alba, Italy. The need for specific conditions for their growth and preservation makes them quite rare and scarce. An international high-class auction is organized every year at the World Truffle fair where gourmands from all over the world bid for the truffle. In 2007, record-bearing one large 1.5kg truffle was auctioned for $330,000 by Stanley Ho.

Edible gold

There is no way edible gold can be missed on the list of the most expensive foods. Though it does not have any appealing taste or flavor, edible gold is used for decoration purposes only. A pound of edible gold to please your eyes, costs around $15,000! It is a massive amount but who wouldn’t mind some gold sprinkled on the food.

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